The Man with the Movie Camera

A new cover design for City Lights publishers features a still from Dziga Vertov’s 1929 film, The Man with the Movie Camera. Life As We Show It will be coming out around June of this year. Vertov believed the camera could go anywhere and he pioneered cinematic techniques such as stop motion, freeze frames, double exposure and jump cuts. The collected writings on film that Brian Pera and Masha Tupitsyn have gathered, explore how movies become part of our own biography and personal history, as we absorb and digest the powerful images on screen.

The editors located this stunning black and white photo of an eye seen through the camera’s lens, and I used it to make a rich tritone, a perfect image for a book that examines the life of the imagination as embodied in cinema. The eye on the back looks great emerging from the rich black, in a circular crop of the same photo.



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  1. a rose by any name... says:

    what an image – amazing!
    and yes, perfect.
    beautiful cover – makes me
    want to read the book.

  2. Interesting ideas, keep up the good work

  3. Nice one, I love this post and I like your website.

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