A 500 year old book at the Bancroft Library

I’m working on a project where we are sourcing images from the Bancroft Library at U.C. Berkeley. Last week, I was able to examine the Nuremberg Chronicle from 1493, and snap a few photos.  This is the most lavishly illustrated manuscript of the fifteenth century.  Here is a lively Danse Macabre, as well as a spot illustration of the moon, printed from woodblocks. The original version of the dance is roughly the same size as the screen on a 20 inch, flat screen computer, so that is definitely a big woodblock.




4 thoughts on “A 500 year old book at the Bancroft Library”

  1. There’s something so cool about printing; I blame my mom for turning me on to the beauty of letters and the way they are formed, fitted, displayed on a page. Let’s not allow a glowing screen impose itself on the beauty of writing!

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