Aria—A Gallery to Get Very Distracted In

For a worthy field trip in San Francisco, head to North Beach, and check out one of my favorite spaces in any city, Aria, located at 1522 Grant. Bill Haskell, longtime proprietor, lives part time in Paris, so his store is often closed (you’ll still get a sense of Bill’s specialized taste from his window display). When he is in town, his large storefront overflows with exotic ephemera, antiques, objects, and art that he ships back from flea markets and warehouses all over Europe.

Many of my favorite things have come out of this store, from a stainless steel desk, to a 1930’s school room wall map of California. Bill has sold me old prison mugshots from Alcatraz and a random old photo that looks like my former North Beach friend, Nini McCabe, shooting a rifle. Aria is never dull and often fabulous, a curio shop for the visually inclined, where browsing is always welcome. Bill’s struggle to make order out of his eccentric inventory, is definitely performance art.



One thought on “Aria—A Gallery to Get Very Distracted In”

  1. I love that store, and Bill. I remember that he and I spoke of the film The Gleaners & I, which I recently watched again. Yet, not being an SFer, I could not recall where his store was (near Chinatown?) or the name. I imagined finding my way back to SF and not knowing where we were. Now I do!

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