Defying Extinction

It’s taken four months, but I’m finally finishing the book design for “Defying Extinction”, a survey of regional preservation projects all over the world, funded by the Global Environmental Facility. The book highlights many regions where species preservation becomes part of a larger strategy to protect regional environments. The species are the focal point for each project.

We were faced with a daunting task in locating images of some extremely rare animals. The publisher, Earth in Focus Editions, is an imprint of the International League of Conservation Photographers. The book would not have been possible without iLCP support and access to their phenomenal photographers. Even so, some species such as the Uluguru Bush Shrike of Tanzania, have never been photographed (we used an illustration).

In the spreads shown here, Vincent Munier photographed the wild reindeer (licensed by Wild Wonders of Europe); Igor Shpilenok, photographed the brown bear in Kamchatka, Russia; Tim Laman, Luciano Candisani, and Cristina Mitttermeier photographed the Galapagos giant tortoise (from left to right).

Many people worked hard on realizing this book project but a few were invaluable to me personally: Abbie Williams, publisher of EIFE, maintained the vision. Jerry Dodrill worked with a wide range of photo sources to ensure color balance and resolution were exact; Nicole Parizeau copy-edited the text; Michelle Mercer provided InDesign expertise and last minute assistance as time ran short to send this off to Legend Color in China. Thanks team!

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