Earth Day at Edible Schoolyard, Berkeley

The Edible Schoolyard Project promotes a transformative vision for what school kids eat. Even though they might not love vegetables, once they plant, nurture, and harvest their own delicious heirloom varieties, children see a bigger picture and their diets improve. Famed chef and founder, ALice Waters says, “I don’t want to tell children what to eat. I want to win them over with taste and pleasure.”

On Earth Day 2015, I was fortunate to get an intimate look at the gardens as a volunteer. In between thinning baby beets and labeling starts for the annual plant sale, I was able to take some photos. I love the handmade signs that the kids make to mark the vegetable beds.





One thought on “Earth Day at Edible Schoolyard, Berkeley”

  1. Thank you so much for joining us as a volunteer! ESYP is one of our favorite charities to support!

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