iphoneography 2.0

Annie Leibovitz says go for the iPhone and she’s right.

Here’s what photographer Annie Leibovitz tells people who want to know which camera they should buy, NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

I agree with Annie. Though I love shooting with my DSLR cameras, or my antiquated Leica point-n-shoot, the i-Phone is always with me and the camera is flat out great. I find myself finally having the right tool for the job when the light is perfect and I’m driving or walking and those fancy cameras are in a backpack on the floor of my closet.

Enter, Instagram, the free social media app. I got interested after reading about the free filters available for photographers. It took a month of randomly playing around in my spare time, but I started assembling a photo portfolio and finding amazing photographs from other photographers all over the world. Instagram allows you to save great images by others and receive comments and feedback about your own work. It’s the visual equivalent of Twitter.

Here are some examples of my iphoneography. If you are on Instagram, please check out my images by searching the tag, stefangoot.

The first image is an old boat shot with iPhone in natural light. It gives you a sense of the iPhone camera, unfiltered. The second image is another iPhone shot of the Petaluma River. The final image, is that same photo with an Instagram filter applied.

The Instagram filters are fast and easy to use, so editing photos is fun. Whether you filter an image or not, it’s quick to post and share. Cultural institutions such as MOMA, both in SF and NYC, have Instagram accounts and post images.

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