Maria Del Camino

Maria Del Camino “is a love poem to the car and Her demise,” in the words of artist/creator, Bruce Tomb. A 59′ El Camino was salvaged by Tomb and drilled with tens of thousands of holes, then mounted to a hydraulic tracked excavator. The myriad holes lighten the car body and create a stunning portrait of the false Maria, from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. This iconic image can best be seen when the art car rises into totemic mode, with the long camino body tilted upright to nearly 18 feet tall, and iluminated from behind like a glowing idol.

Part junkyard transformer, part beautiful shrine, the car is wonderful to ride in. It glides along on massive tracks, elevating up to 8 passengers above the gritty streets of the Bay Area, or the playa of Black Rock City. Powered by bio diesel, Maria Del Camino, subverts the speed and grace implied in the elegant lines of the Camino body, as she chugs forward at top speed of 3 MPH. Yet the sense of freedom, of movement and grace, that the car originally possessed, remains in Bruce’s hybrid. photos by gutermuth.

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