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Photography at the Tea Room Cafe

I’m excited to announce the first ever exhibit of my photographs at the Tea Room Cafe in Petaluma, California. The show includes photographs, painted photographs, and letterpress prints. Please stop by to see the work if you are in the area.

Two local sources have helped immensely in curating and printing the work. Lisa Kasch at Paperwhite has been invaluable in finalizing the image selection. Bill Kane and Joe McDonald at Digital Grange have printed many of the works.

KUB by Stefan Gutermuth




all images © Stefan Gutermuth 2013

2 thoughts on “Photography at the Tea Room Cafe”

  1. Bonjour Stefan,
    How I would love to join the celebration! On 5 May, a friend will be retiring as doc from Kaisier and will be ringing in her 60th birthday at the same time. However, I am hoping Loren and I will be able to take a little outing to Petaluma to view your show for the closing.

  2. Just happened to click on your site – your photos look great! I am often up in Petaluma and love this cafe. I will definitely check them out.

    hope you are well

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