The BEAT Generation in San Francisco (updated)

This classic and beautiful guide to BEAT Generation haunts in the Bay Area, is being reprinted by City Lights and will be available again soon. The walking tour guide, put together by master archivist Bill Morgan, allows you to retrace the steps of illustrious poets and artists who called the Bay Area home. The iconic cover photograph was shot by Larry Keenan.

This project was a favorite of mine, as I got to design with great images from the fabled “Days and Nights at City Lights” archive, a rich trove of over 50 years of photos and ephemera from CL. The book will assist any fan in locating storied places such as the apartment building where Ginsberg wrote Howl. Check it out. A walking tour is the perfect way to spend one of those incredible, non foggy, June days in San Francisco, followed up by a refreshment at Tosca!


2 thoughts on “The BEAT Generation in San Francisco (updated)”

  1. I think that’s Allen Ginsberg picking his nose? You didn’t identify him {or any other noteworthy “beats” in the photo)?

  2. This could be a new parlour game, “Name the Beats!”

    I know a number of the illustrious company in Keenan’s photo, but not all.
    Behind Mr. Ginsberg is Lawrence F. himself, distracted with an umbrella. To Allen’s right, are Michael McClure and David Meltzer. In front of David Meltzer, in the bottom left cover, is artist Robert LaVigne. In front of M. McClure, and next to LaVigne, is Shigeyoshi Murao, famed cohort at the bookstore. Allen’s companion, Peter Orlovsky, gestures with cigarette in hand from Allen’s feet. Richard Brautigan wears the white hat to Ginsberg’s left.

    I wonder who the sole female is, on LF’s right. She looks directly at the camera with a bemused, slightly jaded expression.

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