The Moral of the Story

Boomerang Gallery in Petaluma is mounting a new show later this week. The call for entries asks artists to use found objects. I used an old french poetry book and a McGuffey’s reader from 1857 as the core of this collage titled, “The Moral of the Story”. Along with acrylic paint and colored pencil, there is a scrap of a cool japanese calendar from Hida Tool in Berkeley and Joss paper from China.

I’m taking a new direction with my collage work. As a jeweler utilizes beautiful antique beads to make new necklaces, I have been collecting some rare ephemera to use in collage paintings. I found the old McGuffey’s reader at the Mountain Man festival in Santa Fe. Tattered and worn, with many torn pages, the book is not valuable on its own. As collage material, it is priceless.

Boomerang Gallery is at 46 Kentucky Street in Petaluma. 707-773-3222.

4 thoughts on “The Moral of the Story”

  1. This collage is awesome: bravo! The French text is interesting; some kind of knight’s éloge in modern verse. Ah, it’s Jacques Prévert! He’s excellent – I hope the person who was kind enough to give you that piece of paper didn’t burn the rest of the book. A friend of said person who happens to know French might just want to take a glance at it. I look forward to hearing how the piece is received!

  2. stefan-
    i want other details–what is the collage assembled on (wood, other material?) and what kind of adhesive are you using?

  3. The adhesive is basically that old Anerican standard-decoupage! I use acrylic matte medium which works great with the paint and colored pencil on a stretched canvas.

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